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Bam's Cannoli E-Liquid

Cannoli Strawberry 100ML

Cannoli Strawberry 100ML

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Cannoli Strawberry 


Bam's Cannoli Strawberry Cannoli vape juice is a delicious vape juice packed with the flavors of powdered sugar and sweet strawberry cream. Do you like strawberry desserts? You've found the right e-juice, so indulge your taste buds with a sip of sweet, strawberry-sweetened cream sprinkled with powdered sugar. Taste the smooth strawberry cream and the sweetness from the powdered sugar and your taste buds will love it so much you won't even want to exhale. A unique mixture of powdered sugar and strawberry cream will surprise your taste buds like never before.


70/30 VG/PG

100ML bottle size

Requires nic shot
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