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Energy Ice 3500 puffs CBD Disposable

Energy Ice 3500 puffs CBD Disposable

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The flavour of Energy Drink Ice is a unique tangy mixture, with the sweet flavour of soda giving the mixture body and the chilling undertones of menthol balancing off the fizziness. When CBG and CBD combine their effects, the outcome is far more potent than when they act independently. Every puff brings this entourage effect into action, taking relaxation to a new level.

You don't need to do anything because we have already pre-filled the Energy Ice CBD/CBG Disposable Vape with 10ml of our renowned e-liquid. You may start using it as soon as you unwrap it; no replenishing or recharging is required.

Contains 3500 energising puffs' worth of juice.

THC Content Not Detectable**
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