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SMOK Solus G Box Vape Kit

SMOK Solus G Box Vape Kit

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The Smok Solus G Box Kit isa sleek, compact and user-friendly vape kit that combines effortless ease of use features with a sleek, low-profile matchbox design that showcases cutting-edge circuitry go inside. The

Solus G Box Kit is the perfect choice for vaping beginners and MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping enthusiasts, thanks to its compact 700mAh battery and 18W maximum output power. -Free experience with inhalation trigger mechanism, allowing you to simply pull the mouthpiece to vape. The buttonless design eliminates the need to navigate complicated menus or adjust settings.

Low profile MTL vaping style produces minimal vapor, faithfully simulating the sensation of smoking a cigarette. This makes the Solus G Box Kit an excellent choice for first-time vapers and experienced users seeking a straightforward, smaller alternative to their primary setup. The kit includes a 2ml refillable Solus 2 pod with a built-in 0.9 Ohm Solus 2 coil, and the device is also compatible with Smok Solus previous replacement pods. To refill, simply remove the rubber stopper on the
side of the pod to reveal the e-liquid port. The mesh construction of the integrated coil ensures rapid heat-up and enhanced flavour production.

For optimal performance, we recommend combining Smok Solus G Box Kit with e-liquid containing a 50/50 mixture of PG (propylene glycol) or nickel salts. The compact construction of this device, combined with the convenient cord, make it the perfect companion for vaping on the go. Discover the simplicity, style and satisfaction offered by the Smok Solus G Box Kit.


Beginner Friendly MTL Pod Kit 18W
Matchbox Compact Size
Pods Refillable 2ml
Auto Inhalation trigger
Built-in 700mAh battery
Compact build
Lanyard Included


Smok Solus G Box Vape Device 700mAh
0.9 Ohm Smok 2 Solus Pod
USB-C Charging Cable
Instruction Manual

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